Youth Peace Leaders Project

Youth Peace Leaders

Project Name: Youth Peace Leaders

Implementing Organization: Better World Organization for Community Development

Funded by: Maybole fund

Period of implementation: 18th November to 9th December, 2017

Report Drafted by: Walaa Musheer Ahmed

Major Achievement :

    • BWOCD conducted a three days training from 18th to 20th November in coordination with University of Duhok on “Peace and Coexistence” for 15 male and female participants from IDP and host communities. The participants were from three different religions (Yazidies, Christians and Muslims). The trainer was a qualified person who has quiet good experience on the field of Peace due to his study and work. The training place was Student Center in University of Duhok.
    • BWOCD followed the planned activities and budget agreed by Maypole fund. Stationary provided to all participants, refreshment provided in breaks, in addition to all other budget lines (transportation, trainer fee, group support, visibility, and communication card). All the financial documentation are signed, scanned and attached for verification.
    • The 15 participants divided into 5 groups each group 3 members. The groups provided with an amount of money as a support to conduct an activity on peace. After the training BWOCD give the groups a period of 3 weeks to prepare and conduct their activities.
    • First Group (Saeed, Soleen, and Mohammed): this group conducted two awareness sessions on “Peace” in two different schools in Sumel sub-district in Duhok governorate. The schools were females high schools under the names of (Komata and Batel) from each school 15 females participated in the session. The total numbers of attendees were 30. By the money provided to the group (by BWOCD), the group provided refreshment and some books for the participants.
    • Second Group (Zedan, Raveen, and Khalid): this group conducted one awareness session on “Peace’ for 17 Yazidiy and Muslim IDPs (Internal Displaced Person) in an IDP camp named (Kabartu in Duhok governorate). The group conducted the session by a very proper power point presentation taking information from the training conducted to them.
    • Third Group (Hazheen, Gareeba, and Marwa): this group conducted an activity under the name of “Positivity for Better Life” the group provided colorful note paper with positive expressions presented to university students in Student Center in Duhok University. Sweets also attached with the notepapers to make the participants happy and positive for their life and future.
    • Fourth Group (Omar, Lara, and Richardo): this group conducted one awareness session on “Peace” for a group of 12 male high school students in one of dormitories in Duhok.  The participants were from different religions.
    • Fifth Group (Lazhe, Hawar, and Warveen): this group conducted meditation session for a group of 6 male and female participants in one of public park in Duhok and then distributed sweets to the people who were present in the park to make them happy and cared.
    • In 9th December 2017, BWOCD gathered all the training participants in Culture center in Duhok university to conduct graduation event for them. In this event all the group presented their activities of what they have achieved and the general feedback of beneficiaries. After the presentations of groups all the participants provided their general feedbacks and what the project add to them individually. At the end, the certificates distributed among them and all have eaten refreshment together.

Evaluation :

  • Better World Organization for Community Development aimed to create peace leaders from different religions through this project. The selected participants trained on Peace and Coexistence for three days and then they have prepared and conducted activities in different communities in shape of group work. We try to inspire and cultivate new generations of leaders to transform conflict. Young people have the courage and capacity to change—and lead change.
  • For evaluating and getting the outcomes of this project, we used some methods to come up with the training impact.
    • Pre- and Post- testing method: Pre- and post-testing technique is used to know to which extent our training objectives are achieved. It shows us the training’s overall impact on the participants. After comparing and evaluating these tests and their writings, the training goals have been attained that, many of the participants’ knowledge and information about the topic of the training have been improved in which the participants become ready to be peace leaders in their community. They were so serious and initiative to conduct activities by their own and interested to participate in more peace projects in the future.
    • Focus group discussion: the focus group discussion held for having feedback from the participants or what the project added to their personal life. This discussion held in the last day of the project. The below are some participants quotations:
    • “This training gives me strength to take initiative in solving conflicts. It also gives me more information about peace and co-existence”.
    • “I got benefit knowing the ways of reaching the inner peace and I use them in my everyday life”.
    • “The activity I conducted with my group, gives me an idea about my capabilities. It was a very good experience to take parts in coming activities,”
    • “By conducting the activity we could transfer the advantages we get in the training to other people.”
    • “The students were very happy when they read the notepapers, the positivity shinned in their faces, this made me proud and happy”


  • Through the comments and quotes of the participants, their feedbacks, and the pre- and post-tests, we manage to know that this project was successful project. We reached our main goal. We were able to create 15 peace leaders who are capable of spreading peace in their communities.