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Peace is possible if we accept and love each other regardless to the differences among us




Better World Organization for Community Development is a humanitarian and non-governmental organization established on 24th May 2017 in Kurdistan/Iraq. Independent and non-profit that works to increase the peace and coexistence in the community and improve health and economic situation of people by supporting their small business projects and implementing these projects, which fulfill organization’s aims.

The board and management teams are groups of youth females and males with the experience in humanitarian filed who established this organization to stand up and call for peace and change the world to better place. We believe that with hard work and together we could make a change, although the change will be very gradually but we have a hope that one day people in Kurdistan/Iraq and all over the world live in real peace.

Organization Mission

To develop our community in which people accept and love each other regardless to the religious, political, or ethnical differences. The organization aims that Kurdistan/Iraq community survive from the long history of conflicts, which people suffered from psychologically, economically, and socially.

Organization Vision

To see a community where vulnerable and disadvantaged women, youths and disabled people live in peace and happiness

Organization Founder/Director

Walaa M. Ahmed

Birthday: 1 Jan 1991

Walaa is a Founder and Director of Better World Organization for community development.

Aims to advocate for peace and develop the community which different religions and ethnical groups could live together safely and happily.





Youth Peace Leaders

The project was three days training for IDP and host community. 15 Youth females and males from different religions participated in the training. . The training conducted in Duhok University in 18-20 November, 2017. The participants divided into 5 groups each group 3 members and they have conducted different peace activities in Duhok governorate. Small groups will be created to discuss about different issues and best results.

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World Interfaith Harmony Week

Under the theme “Love of God, and love of Neighbors”

Better World Organization for Community Development

Celebrated World Interfaith Harmony Week; 1-7 February, 2018; Duhok city,  Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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Phone: 0096467503583292

Address: Duhok-KRG/Iraq

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